The Process

Oven cleaning has always been considered a messy, time consuming job that no domestic consumer really enjoys. It is put off until ‘next week’ and never really gets done properly. Domestic consumers often use strong chemicals in the kitchen when they don’t really need to, the associated fumes and smells can be avoided.

It just doesn’t have to be like this at all! The cleaning process is pretty much the same for your hob, extractor, oven or range.

This is where OvenMaestro can help…..

At the start of each clean the appliance is assessed for existing damage, for example, to door seals and glass, this is so that any cleaning related issues can be advised to the customer before the clean can start.



For an oven, dust sheets are put in place ready for the clean. All shelves, racks, sides, backplates and fan are removed so that the oven shell can be cleaned in the appropriate manner with non-toxic and non-caustic products. All items which can be cleaned in the dip tank are removed to the OvenMaestro van for this process to take place.

Once the internal clean and polish-out is complete, the external surfaces and door are the next focus. Where possible the door is split open to allow an internal degrease and clean, removing any smears or runs visible through the glass. A final exterior clean and polish is then completed.

Mid Clean

Those items that have been degreased in the dip tank are then rinsed and dried outside the property and re-fitted to the oven.

This simple process is highly effective, eco-friendly and allows the customer to use the appliance appliance immediately after the clean has been completed.